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Horry County Suspect Search

  Suspect Search: Dispute over cleaning the house turns violent; second suspect moved away, returned and broke into a former neighbor’s home

An argument over cleaning the house ends with allegations of serious violence against one man and police say a second suspect is charged with stealing from a former neighbor. Let’s see if you can help authorities find them.

  Suspect Search: Man charged with leading police on a high speed chase; Another man accused of assaulting a woman

Conway Police Department launches social media campaign in response to car break-ins

casino bet Conway man gets 10 years behind bars for drug charge

Two injured after shooting in Longs

Man accused of sex crime with a minor arrested again

Suspect Search:Two suspects, each charged with assault and battery and each are on the loose

Continued Coverage

  Numerous prostitution related arrests made in Horry County and Myrtle Beach

Report: Teen shot while trying to buy marijuana in Longs

Report: Stolen vehicle recovered outside local bar and grill; suspect in custody

Man threatened newspaper delivery man at gunpoint while children in home, HCPD says

One charged after Myrtle Beach apartment complex break-in

Seven women arrested in Horry County prostitution bust

Seven arrested in undercover prostitution operation in Horry County

Seven people have been arrested in connection with undercover prostitution operation in Horry County.

No injuries reported after shots fired into Loris area home

An investigation is underway after police say shots were fired into a Loris area home Tuesday night.

Police arrest duo accused of stealing merchandise from Victoria’s Secret

Myrtle Beach police have arrested two men wanted for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from the Victoria’s Secret at Coastal Grand Mall.

Bill filed in General Assembly addressing transportation of mental health patients after two women drowned in September

A bill filed in the General Assembly Tuesday hopes to change the way mental health patients are treated and transported in South Carolina.This comes after a Senate subcommittee was appointed to investigate the deaths of Nicolette Green and Wendy Newton.

Man suspected of shoplifting coats from Burlington Coat Factory

Police investigating reports of rocks being thrown at vehicles in the Carolina Forest area

Report: Man assaulted, robbed in Myrtle Beach

Suspect Search: Man charged with assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct and woman charged with stealing baby formula

Suspect Search: Shots fired call; police don’t buy the ‘I only had one beer’ story

Suspect Search: Thief wanted for stealing from a home, another accused of trying to take a surveillance camera

  Suspect Search: A father-son duo charged with beating a man and making death threats

A father and son are charged with beating a man and making death threats to make him leave the country, according to Horry County Police.

Police: Masked man breaks into Conway area home, holds woman by hair and at gunpoint

Police are investigating after a masked man allegedly held a woman by her hair and at gunpoint last weekend in the Conway area.

Police resolve situation involving barricaded person inside Conway area home

Police are working to resolve a situation Wednesday morning involving a barricaded person in the 600 block of Lesia Lane in the Conway area, according to a tweet from the Horry County Police Department.

Spring Lake residents concerned following string of car break-ins

People who live in the Spring Lake neighborhood of Carolina Forest are on high alert following a string of car break ins that happened early Monday morning.

Report: Man beaten, strangled in Loris area

Police are investigating after two men reportedly jumped out of the woods, beat a man and strangled him in the Loris area.

Mom arrested after baby tests positive for drugs, police say

A woman was arrested by Loris police Monday after her baby boy allegedly tested positive for cannabinoids.

Police: Mom arrested after baby tests positive for illegal substance

A woman was arrested Thursday after her newborn baby girl allegedly tested positive for an illegal substance.

Suspect Search: Two women each charged with neglect of a child and each on the loose

They’re both women charged with unlawful neglect of a child.

Police: Woman wakes to find naked man beside bed

A man caught inside a woman’s home without wearing any clothes is charged with burglary, according to a report from Myrtle Beach Police.

Suspect Search: Two suspects charged with stealing cash and a phone a third with assault

Two suspects have been charged with entering a victim’s home, demanding cash and pills. Another is charged with assault. See if you know who and where they are.

Suspect Search: Shoplifting charges lead to additional counts; One behind bars for four finger discount

A suspect was in court for shoplifting but racked up a whole host of other charges while he was there and a second suspect is charged with shoplifting after authorities say store employees caught on to his scheme.

Suspect Search: Rental property pranks and a theft on campus

Police say one suspect promised his victim a place to rent and another is charged with stealing from a Coastal Carolina University building and a vehicle on campus.

Suspect Search: One charged with stealing baby formula, two for a mob style fight

One suspect is charged with stealing baby formula from two different stores, while two others are charged with assault and battery by mob. Three suspects are on the loose and authorities hope you can help track them down.

Report: Employee arrested after starting fire at Little River Circle K

A Loris woman was arrested Sunday night after allegedly starting a fire at a Circle K where she worked.

Woman who pleaded guilty in child sex case arrested for failing to appear

The woman who pleaded guilty earlier this year in a case involving the sexual assault of two young children has been charged with nine counts of failure to appear, jail records show.

Longs man sentenced to 15 years in prison on drug charges, failing to stop for police

A Longs man was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty last week to two drug charges and failing to stop for police, according to a news release from the 15th Circuit Solicitor’s Office.

Police say suspect on stolen motorcycle led officers on chase reaching 130 mph

A Conway man is facing charges after leading police on a chase reaching speeds of 130 miles-per-hour on a stolen motorcycle.

Suspect Search: One is charged with stealing purses, another with assault and battery

She's charged with shoplifting and getting away with quite the loot. He's charged with assault and battery in the first, second and third degree. Two suspects are on the loose, let's see if you can help authorities catch them.

SUSPECT SEARCH: One is charged with hiding crack in her bra, another with hit-and-run

Two women are on the loose this week.  Police say one hid crack in her bra while in the presence of her two children. The second suspect is charged with a hit-and-run with damage and unlawful use of a phone. Here's your chance to help authorities.

SUSPECT SEARCH: One allegedly stole cash, the other is charged with stealing guns

They're both charged with burglary. One suspect is accused of stealing cash, while a second is charged with stealing guns. See if you can help authorities find this week's suspects.

SUSPECT SEARCH: One is charged with manufacturing meth, another is facing domestic violence charges

A traffic stop on a moped leads to a whole lot more, plus she's charged with hitting her suspect in the nose twice.  See if you can help authorities find them.

Suspect Search: One man is charged following a fight, another is accused of receiving stolen goods

One suspect is charged with roughing up his victim because he thought that victim stole some of his drugs. A second suspect was hired as a handyman, but the victim says the suspect's hands were used for stealing his personal momentos. See if you can help authorities track them down.

Suspect Search: Authorities on the hunt for two men wanted for unlawful possession, battery

On this week's Horry County Suspect Search, one suspect is wanted for assault and Battery, and the other is wanted for unlawful carrying of a gun. The Horry County Sheriff's Office needs the public's help in tracking them down.

Suspect Search: On the hunt for two shoplifting suspects

They want the goods but don't want to pay the price. Check out these shoplifters on the run in this week's Horry County Suspect Search.

Horry County Suspect Search seeks suspects wanted for various charges

Three suspects are being featured in this week's Horry County Suspect Search.