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‘I am not corrupt:’ Florence County sheriff sounds off on proposed bill related to officer-involved shootings

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – Florence County Sheriff Kenney Boone is speaking for the first time since a bill was filed in response to the Vintage Place shooting in which two law enforcement officers lost their lives.

The bill would require all officer-involved shootings be investigated by the State Law Enforcement Division. It was filed by Sen. Gerald Malloy of Hartsville and passed the full Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

It comes after Boone requested the Oct. 3 shooting be investigated by the Richland County Sheriff's Department rather than SLED.

On Friday, Boone announced the South Carolina Sheriff's Association showed its unanimous disapproval for the bill through a vote.

Boone said he is disturbed by the bill and released the following statement to his fellow sheriffs saying:

"I am not corrupt. I strive hard to make the proper decisions for the citizens that elected me to make those decisions. For someone to insinuate in a public hearing that is on video and readily accessible to our constituents that we are corrupt and/or incapable of making the proper decisions is a personal insult to me and it should be an affront to my fellow sheriffs."

During a hearing for the bill earlier this month, the widow of Florence Police Sgt. Terrance Carraway testified in its favor.

She claims she had little communication with law enforcement following her husband’s death.

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