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Can you spot counterfeit money?

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach police say they’re noticing some cases of counterfeit money showing up throughout the city.

They’ve recently seen two cases of counterfeit money just in the last few weeks. Police want to remind residents to take a closer look at the cash they receive because counterfeiters are getting more sophisticated.

Store and restaurant employees are trained to spot fake cash, but the problem is some people may not realize they’re carrying it. Police say markers and scanners won’t always work because some counterfeiters are washing real bills and printing over top of them.

So how can one tell the difference? Police say it all depends on the quality. With some bills it’s obvious, but with others it might not be as easy to tell. The biggest piece of advice is to take the extra time to look carefully at the money.

“That depends on the quality of the forgery. A lot of these are coming in at different levels of quality. Some are inkjet printer and the ink will wash off. If you get it wet, the ink will bleed. Some of them are much higher quality. Another thing that we’ve seen is movie currency. It actually says specifically on it, for motion picture use, that looks very real," said Cpl. Thomas Vest with Myrtle Beach police.

Police say start with the texture; counterfeits don’t have ridges or raised printing like a real bill does. Real bills have very detailed and defined lines in the seals, border and serial numbers. Using counterfeit currency can violate both federal and state laws, but police say it all depends on how the fake cash is received.

“It depends on how is used. Sometimes it can be part of a group of bills. If it’s somebody that knows it’s counterfeit, they may try to conceal it. If it’s somebody that doesn’t know that the bill that they have is counterfeit, then they wouldn’t try to conceal it," Vest said.

Myrtle Beach police say there’s always cases of counterfeit money that pops up periodically. So if you ever receive cash that doesn’t quite look right, you should call police right away.

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